In my Notes are my attempts at finding what is valuable to my search for work-life balance as I juggle being a mom and a technical writer.

From being an online creative writer, I leaped into the technical documentation industry in mid-2004 with mild desperation and immense curiosity, and I have stayed since then because there is always something new to learn and to do even if it can get mentally demanding at times (translation: requires some math). You can tell that I quite enjoy working with technical documentation, so it does get into my personal time every so often. That is why this blog collects my notes on constantly finding efficiency in work and daily life.

My posts will largely be about:

  • calm, sensible parenting
  • better writing practices
  • relevant cultural references (i.e. green living and marine conservation, maybe I'll throw in some political views occasionally)
  • some nice (maybe kinda geeky) stuff that make life fun and easier
  • constant acknowledgement of God's hand in my life

If these are topics that also matter to you, then I hope you will find my Notes helpful and useful :-)
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