03 May 2012

100 Green Things I Can Do

On a whim one night, I asked myself if I could think of at least 50 "green" things that I could do.  And then when I got to No. 50 and realized that I could name a few more things, I challenged myself to go for a hundred.  Well, it took almost 2 weeks, but I finally finished this list :)

These are really simple things that anyone can do. I think it's important to remember that going green isn't really difficult, you just have to commit to being eco-friendly and making responsible choices.  Practice makes perfect ;-)  

A lot of what I've listed here, I'm already doing.  Others, I'm going to start on soon.  Come on, go green with me! :D

1. Walk more
2. Bring my own shopping bags
3. Bring my own food containers
4. Bring my own utensils
5. Wash food containers/utensils all at the same time
6. Unplug unused appliances
7. Turn down the AC
8. Think positive -- nakakadagdag ang init ng ulo sa global warming! :))
9. Have jam sessions with friends and family with an acoustic guitar or just the melodies in your head, instead of plugging in the videoke machine
10. Draw by daylight or by candlelight
11. Join coastal cleanups
12. Pick up after yourself
13. If you've got pets, feed them real food
14. Practice waste management at home and wherever you go
15. Recycle containers as much as possible
16. Bring and use washable straws
17. Eat more veggies
18. Eat less meats
19. Get offline, go out and explore
20. Plant a tree (you can give "gift trees" with Haribon -- only P100 each! )
21. Be a responsible and informed tourist
22. Don't buy unsustainable products/souvenirs like shells, coral jewelry -- at this link and another link are a few suggestions for "better" souvenirs :) 
23. Use organic health products
24. Buy local organic produce
25. Read more and understand better how nature works
26. Don't touch/feed the wildlife
27. When showering, turn off the shower while shampooing or soaping
28. Visit museums -- be an informed citizen, knowledge is power
29. Familiarize yourself w/ environmental laws
30. Report smoke belchers
31. Report envi. law violations to the right organizations/gov't offices -- whether or not they act on it, you can hold them responsible because you did your part.  And if a lot of us report the same thing, they're bound to act on it eventually. Kulit power, go!
32. Don't eat food that can't be grown/cultured sustainably
Our logo shows a pawikan
hatchling that has just
entered the sea. It illustrates
the intricate & purposeful
cycle of life in the sea.
33. Support organizations that promote education and responsible use/treatment of natural resources and wildlife (e.g., MWWP, Seacology, Sea Shepherd, EII, PAWS, my group Save Philippine Seas (SPS)! ;-) )
34. Don't keep "exotic" pets
35. Buy only the groceries you need at one time, but in bulk
36. Use less paper
37. Support local businesses/establishments, like those small family businesses that sell local specialty sweets
38. Don't buy call cards if you use prepaid mobile credits
39. Drink more water
40. Snack on fruits, nuts, instead of processed junk food
41. Hang clothes to dry
42. Use organic, eco-friendly home cleaners
43. Dispose batteries properly
44. Dispose unused or broken devices/gadgets properly
45. Donate old clothes
46. Paint with Dolphins Love Freedom
47. Boycott establishments that are not or refuse to be truly eco-friendly, are pro-animal cruelty, do not establish sustainable practices, or apply irresponsible business practices
48. Turn off unused lights
49. Use energy-efficient light bulbs
50. Keep light bulbs free of dust
51. Use washable/reusable plates, cups, utensils at parties
52. Tweak and reuse old outfits for parties and other special occasions as appropriate
53. Cook more at home
54. Eat out less
55. Dive/snorkel/hike to have a better appreciation of the environment
56. Be a responsible diver/snorkeler (check out these Green Fins guidelines)
57. "Adopt" a coral reef / donate to or help out in coral transplant projects
58. Explore clam seeding projects
59. Live frugally
60. Recycle/reuse paper bags
61. Minimize use of plastic containers
62. Don't litter
63. Bring your own reusable water bottle
64. Grow an herb garden
65. Grow own veggies
66. Don't use pesticides in the garden
67. Participate in opportunities to educate the youth on nature conservation/environment protection
68. Tell others to not litter also
69. Don't use plastic straws
70. Don't use plastic utensils when eating out or buying take-out food
71. Don't use toothpicks
72. Don't pee or (worse) do "number 2" in the sea (E.coli, anyone?)
73. Visit MPAs
Using organic beauty products isn't only
better for you, it's also better for the
environment. Residue from chemicals
in non-organic beauty products
is toxic to the environment.
74. Do return emptied containers of products especially if the manufacturer will take them back -- with or without a discount. Human♥Nature, Leyende, and Body Shop are some that do :-)
75. Don't buy in "tingi-tingi" (sachets)
76. Don't leave your trash behind when visiting tourists spots
77. Don't watch dolphin shows or any show where animals not meant for captivity are being forced to perform
78. Recycle gift bags
79. Use recycled paper for wrapping gifts
80. Don't eat or avoid eating food with high carbon footprint
81. Try eating at vegetarian places that use local and organic produce in delicious simple recipes
82. Use organic/eco-friendly makeup
83. Use organic/water-soluble paint
84. Carpool
85. Maximize your car use by planning routes to avoid wasting gas and time (tip: consult the MMDA or check their online traffic navigator before driving out)
86. Maintain a healthy and active lifestyle
87. Bike around -- bicycles, not motorbikes please :-)
88. Think before printing
89. Use recycled paper for printing if it's a must
90. Use energy-efficient appliances
91. Make event giveaways eco-friendly
92. Use digital receipts
93. Advocate paperless processing in the office
94. Be thankful -- good vibes is good for the environment ;-)
95. Go vegan if possible
96. Pack light when traveling
97. Don't use plastic bags for groceries
98. Visit eco-parks or organic farms
99. Take care of your childhood toys so you could pass them on to future generations or donate to poor kids :)
100. Don't print receipts when withdrawing at ATMs
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