10 December 2012

Dear Cyclists

Last Sunday night, my family and I were in our car near Pioneer en route to EDSA when some guy on a bike hurtled out of nowhere on our righthand side and almost hit the side of our hood. Thank God my husband was able to avoid him and the rider also veered out of our way, but it was a very close call; we could've just as easily hit him.

The idiot wasn't wearing a helmet or any other safety gear, neither were there lights or reflectors on his bike. It irks me to think that if the rider had hit us straight on, we would have to pay for his hospitalization and God knows what else -- even if it was his fault! A similar incident happened to one of our friends sometime ago. A bike rider with no safety gear zoomed straight down a hill and hit the right side of his car. Our friend brought the guy -- a bloody mess -- to the nearest hospital and paid all his medical bills. He was so shocked and traumatized by what happened that he refused to drive again for a very long time.

It makes me wonder if the MMDA and traffic police flag down erring bike riders. They should; they're a hazard on wheels!

To everyone commuting on bikes, there are safety guidelines for bike riding. Please acquaint yourselves with them. Keep not just yourself, but also other motorists, safe on the road. Thank you!

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